Thursday, July 24, 2008

Seek Higher Ground!

To-Do List For July 24

1) Find ark builder
2) Turn sump pump on
2) Find pairs of animals
3) Turn odd sump pump
4) Find higher ground
5) Turn on sump pump

The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for my neck of the woods, urging us to avoid driving through water that crosses the roadways, keep an eye on small streams since they may crest, and to seek higher ground if necessary.
I think that this would be a stretch of road that I shouldn't have driven through....

At least I'm not in other parts of Maine where there were tornado warnings, since then I would have an added item on my to-do list: find Toto!

Enjoy ~SJ

1 comment:

rach :) said...

Our little stream flooded higher than we've ever seen it! It had receded by the time the power went out, but who knows what we'll find after a night of rain.

Happy End of Summer School!