Friday, June 27, 2008

This Is For You Meg-O

My childhood best friend, her husband, and I all drive Honda Metropolitan scooters. This fall we drove them from Bangor to Bar Harbor and back. After having a nice lunch in Bar Harbor we went for a little scenic ride around Mount Desert Island. At one of the many scenic vistas we parked the scooters and enjoyed the view. We wanted to have our picture taken with the scooters, but no one came along to snap the photo for us. So instead I took a picture of the scooters enjoying the scenic vista, I think it is much funnier than having us in the picture.
Since this ride we have been toying with making a "scooter gang" and calling ourselves Heck's Angles. I think that the New Yorker this morning is mocking us.

If we only drove Vespas.....

Enjoy ~SJ

1 comment:

rach :) said...

That is quite a picture, especially knowing the friends in question.

Very cool. If only we were cool enough to join your gang... but it's hard to transport children to baseball and gymnastics in a one person vehicle!