Monday, June 23, 2008

My 100 Tidbits

Amity challenged me to come up with my list of 100 things about me today. I have been working away at it all day, and I think I have come up with some interesting stuff.

100 Things

1) I am an only child
2) I have never lived in an apartment
3) I have a degree in science but I teach math
4) I am a Far Side fan
5) I am an avid reader
6) I love to sail small boats
7) I like technology "toys"
8) I have a weak point for candy
9) I like to read my comics online every morning
10) If given my choice, I would go barefoot all the time
11) I do not have a green thumb, but I try hard
12) My Dad and I share the same birthday
13) I like to travel
14) My favorite dinner is homemade mac & cheese and carrot sticks
15) I failed my first drivers test
16) I talk to my Mom almost every day on the phone
17) I like to play cribbage
18) I don't like to play cribbage online
19) I am left handed
20) When I was little I wanted to be a dolphin trainer
21) Or a professional chef
22) Or a mathematician
23) I don't think I'm very artistic
24) I like to take pictures
25) I'm 1/4 of the way through, and I like math!
26) I am SCUBA certified
27) I don't like mushrooms
28) My favorite color is red
29) I like popcorn Jelly Belly jelly beans
30) I have never been to Europe
31) I am a bad speller
32) I prefer canoes to kayaks
33) My family is one of the most important things to me
34) I like roller coasters
35) If I could I would adopt every cat I could
36) I prefer summer to winter
37) I was a thumb sucker when I was little
38) I played in the high school marching band
39) I'm not squeamish around spiders
40) I am squeamish around birds
41) I used to collect Pez dispensers
42) I'm good at putting stuff together
43) I have always been a Beatles fan
44) I was born the day John Lennon was shot
45) If I could I would eat popcorn every day for dinner
46) I don't know what chemiosmotic phosphorylation means - it has something to do with cells maybe
47) I was class president in high school
48) I like coffee milk
49) I don't like orange juice
50) Half way there!
51) I played with Legos when I was little
52) I didn't go to a co-ed college
53) I like to go to work, most days
54) I lost my last baby tooth when I was in high school
55) I worked at the New England Aquarium in college
56) This is starting to get hard....
57) I like to cook
58) My favorite vacation spot is my front porch with a good book
59) I don't have cable
60) But don't take my internet away!
61) I prefer a good pencil over a pen
62) I work in the same school that I went to
63) I never thought I would work there
64) My favorite fruit is strawberries
65) I like my handwriting
66) I have no blood sisters, but I have some great friends who are like sisters!
67) I don't know how to play chess
68) I have always wanted to swim with dolphins
69) I am really good at tying knots
70) I am really good at folding t-shirts
71) I don't like to fold my laundry
72) I don't read the newspaper
73) When I drive to work I listen to NPR
74) A perfect day for me is loafing around reading
75) I like taking classes
76) I had a pet rock when I was little
77) This has taken me all day to come up with!
78) I nicknamed myself SJ
79) I like to take pictures of my feet
80) My Mom was my girl scout leader when I was little
81) I never had a Barbie doll, and I'm proud of it
82) I check my email constantly, sometimes too much!
83) I know that latin names for many species of algae
84) I once lived on a sailboat for over four months
85) My father is the most brilliant person I know
86) My mother is the most hilarious person I know
87) I have always wanted to live on an island
88) I still get my left and right mixed up
89) I love to drive
90) I don't dance very well
91) I wish I could speak cat
92) I don't like scary movies
93) I sometimes think that Mother Nature is out to get me
94) When I was little, my grandmother and I shared a bedroom for the summer.
95) I like to sleep with the windows open
96) I eat too much garlic
97) Sometimes I delete my voice mail without listening to it
98) I have a thing for bags
99) I wish that I didn't need a land line
100) One hundred is a big number!

I dare you, give it a try if you haven't yet.

Enjoy ~SJ


Weather Boy said...

100 tidbits? I don't know HOW to do tidbits. That looks hard.

rach :) said...

I remember the day you were born. I was sick from school-- I often was-- and it's all anyone on the Today show was talking about. I asked my mom "So who is John Lennon anyway?" She stopped dead in her tracks and said "I am now officially old!" I remember it all like it was yesterday, and it most certainly was not.

Those were fun to read. Thanks for spending a day entertaining me for 60 seconds!

Katie said...

I did 50 last night, with 50 for today. Not too bad. (That means something, coming from me...)

Sara Jane said...

Class president...I'm impressed! Very cute SJ!