Monday, June 2, 2008

Living To 100!

I just found this great link to a website where you can answer all sorts of questions and find out how old you are going to live. Now these aren't questions like "what is your favorite color". These are questions that truly are inquiring about how you live your life (including how often you poop and floss!). After answering all of the questions I found out that I am going to live until I am 96, and if I want to live longer I need to exercise more and take an aspirin daily. If you want to find out how long you are going to live, or how to improve your lifestyle click here!

Enjoy ~SJ


Beth said...

I'm only going to live to be 94. Congratulations to you!!!

rach :) said...

"We're sorry, we had a problem finding a longevity calculator for you. please try again. is invalid"

Does this mean I'm already dead?

Sara Jane said...

I did this once and it didn't give me quite the expectancy it gave you! I'm jealous you have so much more time than I do!