Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Vacation!

Summer vacation is officially in full swing starting today. So what did SJ do with her completely free day? Swim? Sleep? Read? Surf the internet? Talk on the phone? Cook? Go to school you fools! I'm still trying to get my new classroom all straightened out and ready for summer school, which starts in a few weeks. When I got home from that, I went onto the internet and searched for materials for summer school. No need to fear my regular readers, I did enjoy some summer like activities. The Music Man and I went for a little bike ride, started planning a hike for maybe tomorrow, and of course I read. I hope to ease out of work mode over the next few days, and start to think more like Calvin.

Enjoy ~SJ


Beth said...


Weather Boy said...

No one is cooler than Calvin. Except maybe Hobbes.

Michael said...

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