Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another SJ!

So I have stumbled upon another SJ in the blogosphere! She seems just a little too much like me: we read the same girly books, she has some crazy girl adventures, we have the same name and blog pen name, and the best thing, she photographs her feet! This must be just a few of the genetic markers of all SJ's of the world. To the left are her feet.

Enjoy ~SJ


Beth said...

That is really weird--I'm adding her to my blogroll.

rach :) said...

That really is amazing... if it turns out she's a math teacher or drives a scooter or loves the count then I'm going to have to reassess reincarnation.

Sara Jane said...

You're too funny! It's a bit erie all the stuff we have in common. I was almost a school teacher, but went down a different path in the end. Thanks for reading!