Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Surprise Gift

We Simmons Gals like to celebrate every type of milestone in life - sometimes it is a simple little phone call/email, a joint gift from all, or a full blown party - complete with Sangria! About a week ago I came home from another long day at school so find a package in my mailbox. I quickly checked the return address and read "Simmons Girls Central", I immediately know it could only mean one thing - surprise present for SJ from my most wonderful college friends! I hurried into the house, tore open the package and found a gift wrapped present with a note "Congratulations on your recent master's degree!" My immediate thought was "Wow, how sweet of them to get me a present!" I tore the paper off and found a box of note cards, but not any note card, personalized scooter SJ note cards! I started to smile and laugh to myself as I quickly dialed the Simmons Gals numbers (of course they were all at work still), so I thought to myself, "I will send them all thank you notes using the new cards", nice thought but still on the to do list. So Simmons Gals, take this as my unofficial thank you! Your gift made me smile, and the framed card sitting on my windowsill reminds me every morning to have fun in life! Thanks for your never ending support! Official note of thanks will be in the mail at some point in the near future.

Enjoy ~SJ

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