Thursday, May 22, 2008


For fear of being called out by Rach again, I am blogging just to blog. Also, my goal of blogging at least five times a week has not been going too well lately. School is swinging quickly into wrap-up mode, the weather has been in a slump, the long weekend seems just a few too many hours away, and I just haven't found anything to be blogable lately.

The new seafood opened today on Weld St, maybe tomorrow I will have something exciting to say about that. In the mean time, here is a little info on The Thinker, since I sat at my desk impersonating this pose trying to come up with something that is blogable.

"The Thinker (French: Le Penseur) is a bronze and marble sculpture by Auguste Rodin held in the Musée Rodin in Paris. It depicts a man in sober meditation battling with a powerful internal struggle. It is often used to represent philosophy." (

Enjoy ~SJ


rach :) said...

I think therefore I blog? I blog therefore I think? Either one fits this Seinfield inspired post, I think!!

Thanks for thinking of me :)

undercover said...

I hope your "thinker" pose works. Looking forward to reading a new blog

Anonymous said...

This Thinker statue is genius, it shows so many emotions and you can almost feel what this person is thinking about at the moment you stare at him. Thank you for such an entertaining post, I loved to read it.