Thursday, May 29, 2008

Free Wi-Fi For All!

Ahh.... you have to love places that offer free wireless internet for the completely connected people (like myself) in the world. I'm spending the night at a Holiday Inn getting ready for a technology workshop tomorrow and am enjoying the perks of free Wi-Fi. My question is, why can't we have free wi-fi everywhere? You know there have been more times I have been driving in the car with someone and some trivial bit of information that could be easily found with the aid of google was out of reach due to the lack of wi-fi. Just think, wouldn't it be nice if you could go and enjoy a park somewhere complete with your laptop? Or what about our countries National Parks? I know that I would enjoy my camping experience more if I had wi-fi! Ok, ok, maybe there are times and places where having wi-fi just isn't appropriate, like the car, town park, or National park, but it is nice to day dream a little bit about it while enjoying some free wi-fi.

Enjoy ~SJ

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Weather Boy said...

I've been known to go to a bad motel (Day's Inn) because I knew they had free WiFi, as opposed to a higher quality place when I knew I'd have to pay for my internet. Addicted? Not much.

Oh, and I think I've mentioned this: the NY State Thruway? Totally wired.