Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Other than a deep appreciation for popcorn, we Irish's also carry the genetic marker for sending newspaper clippings to each other. It is not uncommon to open my mailbox and find a card from an Uncle, Aunt, Grandmother, or my Mother with a quick note telling me that I must read the enclosed articles. My Mother actually told me the other day on the phone that there is a package arriving for me at the house, but to not throw the newspaper away that it was packed in. Yes, My Mother has used the newspaper articles to pack the package with - that is another level of Yankee ingenuity!

Well, this genetic marker has traveled to my generation of the Irish's. Yesterday I was in the car with Mi Prima and she showed me a newspaper clipping of lectures and concerts that she thought I might be interested in. I must admit though, I have been known to find a website on the internet and send out an email to all the people that I think would enjoy it. I also have a folder in with my magazines where I place articles of interest for certain people to read.

Here is my link for today, it is filled with logic puzzles (thanks Aimil for showing it to me!)
Enjoy ~SJ

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