Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mi Prima, Mi Hermana

She is the sister I never had, but have always wanted. When I was little, she was the coolest person that I knew, and I wanted to grow up and be just like her. Now that I'm older, she is still the coolest person I know, and I still want to be just like her. Our paths have criss-crossed each others many times. We grew up spending our summers together at Worthley Pond playing in the water, in the stream collecting "clay", and riding our bikes. We drifted after apart after awhile, as all cousins do. We both went to Simmons College, her majoring in Spanish and me in Environmental Science. Since we are four years apart we were never enrolled at Simmons at the same time, good thing because Boston wouldn't be the same city! Our paths are getting ready to cross again on Friday when she moves home from Spain indefinitely. I'm excited for all of our crazy adventures!

According to my Mother, Mi Prima was very excited when I was born. When she first met me, she was sitting in a chair holding me and she looked up at my Mom disappointedly and said "When is she going to be a person?" Well after a few years I eventually became the "person" she was expecting me to be, and we were off on adventures.

One of the most memorable adventures that I have of Mi Prima is when we went to the Sidewalk Art Festival in Portland. We decided that we just had to check in on the trout at LL Bean on our way to Portland. On our way to LL Bean we were driving through the little town of Durham, and they just happen to be having a parade. We were in my little red Plymouth Horizon and we were bringing up the rear of the parade, right behind a giant LL Bean boot (see photo). Well, we felt bad letting down all the people out to watch the parade, so we decided to join the parade. Donna rolled down all of the windows (they may have already been down since the Horizon didn't have an air conditioner) and started to toss all the spare change I had at the people along the parade route! We may not have officially been part of the parade, but we didn't let the people of Durham down. Funny, the didn't call us to be part of the parade the next year.

Later on in the day Mi Prima and I found ourselves going into the Maine Mall. On our way into the mall we walked past a jar of pickles sitting in the middle of an empty parking space. Well, we just couldn't pass up this amazing photo-op. Later in the mall we took the picture of ourselves dressed up in the feather boas.

One winter day Mi Prima and I were sitting in my house looking out at the pond. She looked at me and said "You know, I don't know what the inside of an ice fishing shack looks like. Do you?" To be honest, here were two girls born and brought up in Maine and neither one of us had been inside an ice fishing shack. So what else were we to do? We got all bundled up and went for an adventure!

We knocked on the first ice fishing shack that we
came to, and the two men inside greeted us. After explaining to them that we just wanted to see the inside of an ice fishing shack they invited us in and explained all about the shack. After their detailed explanation, and filled with all of the knowledge about ice fishing shacks that two girls need we went off to take some pictures.

Mi Prima has been living in Spain for the past several years and now I only get to spend time with her on the few occasions she comes home to visit. We chat online as often as we can, but it isn't the same as being together. I am truly excited that Mi Prima is coming home for while, so that our paths can cross again and maybe bring us more crazy adventures. Here's to being a "person"!

Mi Prima sitting on the neighbors stone porch.

SJ "swimming" on the ice

Enjoy! SJ

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Beth said...

I remember her! I think at least one of my kiddos had her for spanish once upon a time. Welcome home, you two are going to show western Maine how fun life can be.