Saturday, February 23, 2008

My New Toy!

Bil Keane, the creator of Family Circus has a guest cartoonist from time to time, his son. Well, my blog has a "guest" writer, my cat Stanley. From time to time Stanley will weigh in with his opinion of his world.

Stanley The Manly reporting from Worthley Pond. My Feeder got me the greatest new toy this week. It is better than the string on a wand toy, or even my rattly mouse! Her name is Miss Phoebe and she is only 10 weeks old. Now, My Feeder prepared me all week for her arrival, and even made me wear a tie (see photo). I of course very excited, since the arrival of Miss Phoebe meant that I would have someone new to play with. See, My Feeder isn't home all of the time to play with me, so she got me Miss Phoebe.

Miss Phoebe arrived on Wednesday afternoon in one of those horrible crates used to transport us. She waltzed quickly o
ut of the carrier and I knew right off that My Feeder had gotten me THE most wonderful new toy. Unfortunately all she does is sleep, eat, and poop, and so far has not lived up to my grand expectations of playing all of the time. I can only hope that when she gets bigger I can train her to play all of my favorite games, including fetch the rattly mouse!

Stanley The Manly

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Beth said...

Oh she's so cute! They will have a lot of fun while you are at work--expect to find all sorts of chaos!