Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Dump

Most people I would imagine just put their trash out to the curb and never wonder what happens to it after that. If you live in an area without trash pickup, like me, then you know a little more to the story of your trash. The Dump, or more formally known The Transfer Station has a series of etiquette that needs to be followed:

1) If it a busy day at The Dump wait patiently in your vehicle in line for the next available space.
2) If you are waiting in line make sure that you have moved your vehicle as far to the right as possible so vehicles can still get out.
3) Once you have a space close to "The Hopper" (giant pit where trash goes) quickly move to get your trash and recycling in all of the appropriate receptacles.
4) If you see someone you know (this always happens) talk quickly while taking care of trash, this is particularly true if there is a line.
5) Anything that might still have some use goes along the wall, "One persons trash is another persons treasures" this saying can not be more true than at The Dump.
6) Put all of your trash and recyclables in the correct place or The Dump Guy might come and yell at you. You must listen to him, he has a name tag and will remember you.
7) Do not leave your vehicle doors open, it makes it difficult for others to park close to "The Hopper".

Enjoy ~SJ

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rach :) said...

You've actually seen any of the dump guys do more than put the back log of cardboard into the compactor after it's finished it's compacting cycle? Wow.