Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Things I Never Thought I Would Say!

First Crazy Statement Of The Day:
Since today is the first day back to school with the kids it can always make for an interesting day. I always get a kick out of how much older they all look and the funny things that they have to say. Here is the high point chuckle of my day:

While in the library laminating (I know, bad teachers laminate during the first day of school, good ones already have it done), a little 6th grade girl was looking around for a book. She came over and said hi to me and then asked me a lot of questions about how the laminator worked. I answered all of her very good questions, and when we got to the end she said "You know, I would really like to be laminated!" In a little bit of a shock I replied "Well, I think that you would get a little hot going through the machine." Without skipping a beat the girl replied "Well, at least I would always be clean!" What could I do other than agree and laugh to myself.

Second Crazy Statement Of The Day:
When I got home today I greeted The Cats by getting on the floor and playing with them. They were very happy to see me after a long day with their Feeder gone, but they seemed to be exceptionally happy about something. It took me a few moments to notice - but there it was - on the floor. (Disclaimer: Squeamish people please stop reading now!) It was a tiny, dead, baby snake! No clue how it got into the house, or how these two fur balls who hardly kill spinders managed it, but they killed a snake. My question to them was "Who killed the snake?" Never thought I would say that today!

Enjoy ~SJ


Beth said...

as a good science teacher, perhaps you should laminate the snake and keep him in you room all year

rach :) said...

Oh my! I was expecting a little rodent at the disclaimer... snakes! Eek!