Sunday, August 24, 2008

Deer Crossing

While camping on Hermit Island the Music Man and I spent a lot of our time hiking around the island. On our first trip to this slice of ocean paradise we came across a mother and fawn while out hiking. We were really excited by the encounter and I took an excessive number of pictures.

On our second trip to Hermit Island we stopped counting at 15 deer. The Music Man almost got hit by a deer on his walk to the outhouse when it ran out in front of him. They don't seem to be scared by humans, and we even thought about adopting one as a pet. I spent the next several encounters trying to pet one (even though I know you shouldn't touch wildlife) since I thought they kind of look like Stanley with longer legs. It might be the tail, or lack there of.

Hermit Island is also populated with skunks that like to visit campsites at night in hopes of something nice to eat. Fortunately our encounters with them were not as exciting as the deer.

Enjoy ~SJ

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