Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Freezer

Yup, I just posted a picture of my freezer on my blog!
I like to cook, and when I decide to cook I sometimes go a little overboard. Usually during my morning cereal and coffee I study a cookbook.  Since cutting meat with feet from my diet and trying to incorporate as many vegan friendly recipes and  ingredients, cooking now takes a little studying.  Last week I made a lengthy list of recipes that I wanted to make:
  • Minestrone (Moosewood)
  • Stuffed peppers(SJ Original)
  • Wheat/white sandwich bread (Joy of Cooking/SJ)
  • Apple bread
  • Salmon pie
  • "Chicken" pie (SJ Original)
  • Shepards pie
  • Spicy tomato soup (Moosewood)
  • Tomato sauce (SJ Original)
  • Zucchini soup (Moosewood)
(See what I mean by a little overboard?)

Dorky math teacher finds humor in her labels!
After creating the list of recipes, I then needed to make the grocery list.  I will spare you the details, but it did take a trip to Shaw's and over an hour to find all of right items.  By the time I got home from shopping I was exhausted, and the cooking hadn't even started.  Saturday morning I woke up refreshed and ready for the challenge of cooking.  I don't think that I have ever chopped or minced as many onions in my life as I did last weekend.  It seemed that every recipe started with "saute onions until tender".  Needless to say, the recipes list was so long that it spilled into Sunday and the last two on the list are saved for another day.  I don't know how many meals all this food equates to, but I do know that dinners for the next few weeks will be a lot more satisfying.

Enjoy ~SJ 


Kertra said...

Everything looks so perfect! Now tell me did it cost you more or less for these two weeks of groceries? They sure look good.

Amity said...

My guess is less! This looks so good! I am trying to do a thirty day freezer meal menu from somewhere on-line...they recommend a "Prep for the Big Day" and not do it all at once. Very nice label btw!

Eston said...
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