Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"When you know, you know! You know?"

or an alternative title to this post could be "And she said yes!"
After  my morning coffee MacPro asked me to find an activity to occupy my time with inside the house and informed me that I shouldn't go outside or on the porch.  Although the directions were odd, I found something to watch on Netflix in bed.  After about an hour, through the sounds of cardboard and the smell of paint and came and asked me to go on for a canoe ride.  I thought it was an odd time of day for a boat ride, but am always up for an adventure.  Upon arriving on the dock I found that he turned the canoe into a gondola!

He instructed me to relax and that he was going to paddle.  Once getting situated in the boat, he started to paddle and sing "O sole mio" (he looked up all of the words on wikipedia).  All good Gondolieres sing!  He paddled us around, we watched a loon family, and then he asked the big question!  I said yes (of course!), and the rest is history!  Well actually, then we went to play mini golf and eat ice cream.  

It was a memorable day, and the whole thing makes for a great story! 

(FYI: No official plans as of yet.  Maybe something small on the dock)

MacPro and his homemade gondola

MacPro singing O sole mio

SJ in the gondola
The view from the boat, perfect day on the lake
SJ and the new ring!
Mission accomplished!
Skyping with MacPro's Mom and Sister
What day is complete without a little mini golf?
And ice cream!
Enjoy ~SJ


Weather Boy said...

First: Great post title!
Second: Congratulations! I love the gondola.

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

sarala said...

That sounds delightful.

Eston said...
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