Sunday, April 12, 2009

Marketing Overload Take 2

Around this time last year I blogged extensively about the ridiculous variety of Peeps available on the market. They seem to come in every shape and size for all holidays. What ever happened to Peeps being available for only Easter as yellow chicks? I mean, isn't the word peep simply a synonym for chick? During a recent trip to Rite Aid I noticed another new Peep color, orange. Now as odd as it was to see orange Peeps I have to admit that it seems like the most logical color besides yellow since it closely resembles to color of a bird. At least it is a closer color choice than say electric blue or hot pink, right?

Happy Easter, enjoy ~SJ

1 comment:

rach :) said...

No matter how much they market, I don't think I will ever eat one. The thought just makes me queasy.