Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Perfect Day

Sunday is by far my favorite day of the week. I like to sleep in late, go out for brunch and then get ready for the upcoming week. It always feels as though I accomplish so much without feeling overwhlemed or rushed. Today was a perfect Sunday!

I slept in and loafed around in bed reading and napping. Then the Music Man and I went for breakfast at D.U. (The Corner Store). After a yummy breakfast, and a quick chat with a few people we know, we headed to Marden's and grocery shopping. Then it was off to the Music Man's house to stack wood.

Now I am a rookie at wood stacking - I know you are screaming how can this man girl have never stacked wood? I don't know, but I am no longer a rookie. We moved and stacked wood, and the Music Man enlightened me on the finer details of wood stacking (don't think too much about it).

After some quality wood stacking on a beautiful sunny afternoon we were off for a little motorcycle ride. Now it is time to blog and work on homework.

How much better could a day get? What kind of days are your favorite?

Enjoy ~SJ

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