Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What have I been up to?

Well my dedicated blog reader(s) (I know there are a few of you still out there, at least The Mother still reads.... right? Leave a comment if you came by, please!), I have been busy. When I rattle the question "busy doing what" around in my head nothing crazy like shark tank diving (must put on to do list). It has been a just kind of normal busy. MacPro and I (ok, mostly MacPro) has been working in the yard. There are big doings around the Shamrock - new retaining wall in the front, grass being planted, porch being built, more grass, and a firebrick pizza oven (I know, you just gasped, I heard it).

School has been crazy. I am organizing fantasy baseball for all of my math students and the staff. I know, crazy since I a) don't know a lot about baseball and 2) have never even played fantasy baseball. If that weren't enough I'm also planning an RSU-wide math fact bee, it's just like a spelling bee only with math facts.

The last thing that has been occupying my time is my course work. Besides The Never Ending Paper (it needs all capitals, it is that epic), I am also taking a course on the evolution of educational technology, and getting ready to go to my second residency. A residency is some quality face-to-face time with professors, other students, and faculty members that makes up for all of the online learning. The one I went to last year and Dallas was wonderful, so I look forward to my four days in Nashua, NH.

Enjoy ~SJ


Uncommonly Common said...

Let me know if you need help with the baseball thing since I'll be right there with you in the trenches of the 8th grade. :)

rach :) said...

I'm still out here, patiently waiting for posts. Glad to hear you're still around .... :)

Katie said...

I'm reading, but I just returned from Disney and have no energy to write anything else. (Sorry, this tired girl needs to go to bed.)

sarala said...

Sounds like you've been pretty busy. It is hard to be steady on a blog. After 4 years nearly, I've had my ups and downs. Come by sometime and say hi, LOL.