Thursday, August 27, 2009

Berry Challenges

I have said this hundreds of times, I love to pick all types of berries and could pick berries all day long. Summer of course is the best time to engage in this activity. Each type of berry poses its own challenges. Strawberries strains your legs, blueberries runs the risk of bears, and blackberries requires full body combat gear to even get into the bushes!

I have a little blackberry patch in my back yard, and grew up crawling through them for the precious fruit. Blackberries, like other fruit decided to grow on uneven ground adding to the overall challenge. As you carefully climb through the picky bush you not only need to make sure that you can get back out, but you also need to watch as carefully as you can your footing. Oh, and there is usually a snake or two so don't be startled.

It looks like I will be enjoying the yummy fruit from my yard over the next few weeks as long as I can figure out how to get myself to all of the fruit.

Enjoy ~SJ

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