Saturday, July 18, 2009

Things I Have Neglected

The Music Man pointed out last night that I have been a little lax with my bog posts lately. Between posting pictures of Kermit's adventures, keeping my status updates up to date on Facebook, and plugging away at the huge paper I have not gotten enough started on, my blog has fallen to the side.

Over the past few weeks The Music Man and I have been consumed with surfing and searching for new motorcycles. It all started one afternoon when I took a break from that paper I just don't seem to have any interest in writing and decided to check out Craig's List. As I am sure you all know Craig's List can be a very consuming website where there are just too many great deals to check out, cross reference, and ponder. During this particular break I noticed that there was a motorcycle just like mine for sale at a price that I thought was fair, and the best part was mine was nicer. (Notice the use of past tense here). So on a whim I decided to post my motorcycle for sale and see what sort of
luck I would have with selling it. About a year ago a tried my luck with Craig's List to sell my scooter, in less than two days it was gone. Within an hour of posting my motorcycle on Craig's List The Music Man found it and sent me an email wondering what was up. I explained that I thought I would post it and see what happened. Well, let's just say that within six hours the bike was sold!

So started the search for another motorcycle. Let's just say that I spent way too much time looking at Craig's List, Uncle Henry's online as well as the paper version of Uncle Henry's. There were reviews online to check out, and brands to compare, and the all important seat height to study (see I have kind of short legs and it is important to me to have my feet flat on the ground).

In the end I found a Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic for sale in the next town ov
er, just exactly what I
wanted and so close. One day after summer school the Music Man and I went and checked it out. The couple selling it couldn't have been nicer, the bike was everything that I was looking for, and now it sits proudly in my driveway.

After the entire process of selling my old bike and purchase of the new bike the Music Man got inspired to do the same with his bike. So again started the cycle of checking out Craig's List, and Uncle
Henry's, reading reviews, and the constant debate of which one to get. In the end he found a great Honda Magna 750.

Now we both have "grown-up" motorcycles that we will be able to ride for years to come. Yesterday we went on an adventure to pick up a screw for his bike at the dealership in Lewiston (come to find out they had to special order the screw), and then went to our favorite burrito restaurant in Farmington, Big Mouth Burrito (more to come on that later). All totaled about 122 miles using less than five gallons of gas, hours of entertainment, and a great lunch.

So sorry regular readers, I haven't been neglecting you, it is just that I have been wrapped up in the world of Craig's List and Uncle Henry's.

Enjoy ~SJ

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