Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And Cue The Fat Lady!

We have been able to hear the Fat Lady warming up for weeks now through the halls of school. I think she entered the building about a month ago when the 8th graders (Kermit and I) went on the three day trip to New York City. Her warm ups intensified when I could say to myself "That is the last new topic I have to teach", or "This is the last homework, quiz, or test assignment I have to grade", she was almost ready for her final note last week when I could say "My grades are done!" Yesterday was the last day for the students and although the students got to hear the Fat Lady, the staff only caught a glimpse of her since we have a workshop day today. Our district tradition is to have a school wide staff lunch and the Superintendent acknowledges those who have been teaching for specific milestones, or are retiring. I anticipate hearing the Fat Lady hit her final note after this lunch.

So, please cue the Fat Lady soon so that we can start our much anticipated and deserved summer vacation.

Enjoy ~SJ

As a side note, the phrase "It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings" was coined by Ralph Carpenter during a Red Raiders, Texas Tech basketball game in 1976.

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